Show your love with Giftology

A day, a month, a year or a decade of togetherness, nothing compares to the time you have spent with your BAE. Celebrate this period of love with a gift that is a perfect reflection of your affection for them. With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we have the perfect gifting solution for you. Our warmly crafted gift boxes are sure to bring a smile to your significant other’s face and an intimacy in your bond.
We understand that love is an experience different to each one of us and therefore, Giftology offers you a range of gift boxes from Hong Kong that fit all your needs. The boxes and its contents are customisable so that they are just as unique as your bond. Our Happily Ever After box is perfect for a couple that has planned a cosy day-in together with each component building up to the ideal date. The Pamper Her box stands true to its name and has been dedicatedly crafted to help you make her feel special. And if you are a woman, make sure your man knows of your love for him with this Spoil Him box that is filled with dashing items. Each box has been crafted with the intention of expressing your love and care for your significant other. But that’s not all! We enable you to create your own box and add in items for your BAE. Choose from products ranging from stunning ceramic pieces that bring elegance, scented candles to remind you of a summer breeze, and thrifty clothing apparels to self-care products, quirky accessories, stationary items that are bound to make your day productive and barware to impress your guests at you next party.
Personalise Giftology’s Signature gift boxes with a doting message and envelope with wax seal.

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