Secret Santa

Secret Santa

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Ethereal Gold and Turquoise, our Secret Santa box is luxe. Treat your friends and family with this lovely Christmas gift box radiating positivity and holiday vibes.

Niche Sleep Tea 

A delicious herbal tea blend, designed using ingredients traditionally used to aid restful sleep. This carefully crafted blend aims to calm the body and dwell the mind into a dreamy serenity

Giftology Agate Coaster

These hand sliced Agate Coasters from the rich mines of Brazil are polished to exhibit the stunning naturally occurring patterns. Each piece is one of a kind with its own distinct charm which makes it a great addition to coffee tables, desks and consoles.

Please note - There could be slight variations in size and colour owing to the natural formation of crystals.

Giftology Hellenic Mugs

Inspired by Greek simplicity - these Mugs are Fitted with gleaming gold handles and smooth carved porcelain set to boast a modest yet energetic vibe. Use as a set, or give individually as gifts.


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