About Us

We simply love the art of gifting, and we are obsessed with perfecting it. Gifts are supposed to be special and meaningful which bring a smile to one’s face through an unforgettable experience. We consider gifting more than an exchange, it is a memorable moment in one’s life which will be remembered for years to come. For this reason we take pride in curating the finest products from all around the world from exquisite tea to our hand picked gourmet chocolates.


But these items themselves do not tell the story – that’s where our creative and highly obsessed (border-line crazy) team comes and delivers an experience that is truly unmatched! We make sure everything is stunning - and we mean everything! – the box, the craft paper, colour synchronisation, the bow and of course our hand-written cards! Our success is in making sure that every gift is absolutely adored! 


We spend hours on planning how to make each gift exceptional – and it is exactly this drive that makes Giftology truly unique. We continuously look for new ideas and products that help make Giftology an experience to remember!


Meet Shweta - Founder & Chocolate Lover

I absolutely love branding. Having spent a decade in advertising and marketing communication I felt a string desire to build something more than just another “gift-hamper" brand. I wanted to create something special – a complete tangible experience!


My idea was to customise and enthral, from the moment they open the box. One must feel connected to the emotions inside, to see value in the creative blend of product curation. Every gift has to be fun, beautiful and unlike any other! This is our mission and something that is filtered through to every process.


We started with a purpose to deliver an unforgettable gifting experience – and we promise to do just that!


Giftology is not just a gift, you may call it as “curated in the mind, cultured in a box and delivered with absolute love.”